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Audience à la Présidence de la République : Le Chef de l’Etat s’entretient avec le président du Conseil d’administration du groupe AREVA

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ISSOU AREVA Philippe Varin NIGERThe President of the Republic, Head of State SE. Issoufou Mahamadou received in audience last Tuesday, the president of the board of directors of AREVA Mr. Philippe Varin. The head of state and his guest gave an update on the partnership, which was more than forty years old, between Niger and the French company.

The senior official of the Areva group said it had discussed the strategic partnership agreement in force for three years and talked about prices and future projects to try to find solutions. "This Strategic Partnership Agreement is a great success," said Mr VARIN, who also said that he had visited COMINAK and SOMAIR where he met the staff, a staff he found very motivated despite the period Difficult because of the low price of minerals on the international market.

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16 February 2017

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